This is an extension to Manim library (initially created by 3Blue1Brown), for making videos regarding chemistry.

A Hindi version of this README is available here.

Installation (pip)

pip install chanim

Installation (Source)

  1. Install the external dependencies for manim as described here according to your OS.
  2. Clone the contents of this repository.
  3. Open a terminal in the cloned directory and run pip install -e ., or if you prefer to use poetry instead, poetry install. This'll install manim for you as well if you don't already have it installed. (you'll still need to setup the external dependencies though)

That's about it. You can now do from chanim import <*|object_name> like any regular Python package.


Here's a little example of it working.

from chanim import *

class ChanimScene(Scene):
    def construct(self):
        ## ChemWithName creates a chemical diagram with a name label
        chem = ChemWithName("*6((=O)-N(-CH_3)-*5(-N=-N(-CH_3)-=)--(=O)-N(-H_3C)-)", "Caffeine")

Type this into a python (.py) file. I'll assume you named it

In your command prompt/terminal write this (assuming you're in your project directory):

manim -p -qm ChanimScene

This'll render your Scene and preview it in your default player (in medium quality).

Congrats! You've written and played your first animation with chanim (or "chanimation" should I say)

Explore the code and docs (coming soon!) for more on how to use chanim.


Currently chanim only supports drawing compounds and reactions along with a few chemfig commands (such as coordinate bonds and complexes etc.) but more is to come! If you have a suggestion, file an issue with a proper tag.

A Quick Note

There may be some faulty code and a lot of this may not be well made/documented. Feel free to file an issue if something doesn't work properly.