This is a plugin for Manim that enables you to draw realistic looking gears and mechanisms. So far only involute gears are supported, with inside and outside gears.

Planned further development:

  • Rack and pinion
  • Cycloid gears, cycloid rack
  • Sliced gears
  • Animation helpers

#Installation manim-gearbox is a package on pypi, and can be directly installed using pip:

pip install manim-gearbox


Make sure include these two imports at the top of the .py file

from manim import *
from manim_gearbox import *


	class gear_example(Scene):
    def construct(self):
        # small gear
        gear1=Gear(15, stroke_opacity=0, fill_color=WHITE,fill_opacity=1)
        # larger gear
        gear2=Gear(25,  stroke_opacity=0, fill_color=RED, fill_opacity=1)
        # shifting gear1 away from center
        gear1.shift(-gear1.rp * 1.5 * RIGHT)
        # position gear2 next to gear1 so that they mesh together

        self.add(gear1, gear2), gear1.pitch_angle, rate_func=linear),
                  Rotate(gear2, - gear2.pitch_angle, rate_func=linear),