Python Test and Lint

Manim for Meshes

⚠️ Work in progress

Most of the code will be rearranged or changed to use OpenGL, but OpenGL is not yet used throughout manim-ce. Stay tuned.

Manim-Trimeshes implements manim functionalities for different types of meshes using either basic node-face data structures or for importing the python trimesh library.

It is mainly developed as a Project for Interactive Graphics Systems Group (GRIS) at TU Darmstadt, but is publicly available for everyone interested in rendering and animating meshes.


If published to pypi, can be installed using:

pip install manim-meshes


from manim_meshes import *


In venv Run one of the minimal test examples: manim tests/ ConeScene. Multiple other examples can be found in the tests/ file.


Set ./src/-folder as project sources root and ./tests/-folder as tests sources root if necessary.

Activate venv: cd ./manim_meshes/, then poetry shell

Install: poetry install

Update packages and .lock file: poetry update

If you implemented some features, update version using poetry: poetry version prerelease|patch|minor|major See the Poetry Documentation.

Even though if CI works properly, Publish is automatically, it can be done manually with: poetry publish --build