A Manim Plugin that renders LaTeX for Mobjects like Tex and MathTex via online services. This plugin will try to render the LaTeX required by such Mobjects via LaTeXCluster, and if for some reason LaTeXCluster is down, will attempt to use QuickLaTeX.

Usage instructions

Import the contents of manim_onlinetex AFTER manim has been imported, like so:

from manim import *
from manim_onlinetex import *

Then, use a Mobject that requires LaTeX rendering. If the Plugin is doing its job, then the Tex folder of your media directory should have the source .tex file, the final .svg file, and no intermediary files (like .dvi files), since that's all handled by the online service.


Please avoid clearing the Tex directory of your media directory. This is so you don't contact the external LaTeX rendering APIs too often and put an unnecessary strain on their servers.