Manim RubiksCube

This plugin for Manim Community provides an implementation of the classic Rubik’s Cube.


This plugin is available on PyPi. Usage of this plugin assumes that Python and Manim are both correctly installed. Manim is listed as a dependency, but no version is specified. This is because the plugin will work with any version of Manim Community that does not have breaking changes to the plugin. Some releases of this plugin have been tested with certain versions of Manim. To see what versions of Manim are confirmed to be compatible with this plugin (to the best of my testing), see Releases. By no means is this exclusive. Most releases of this plugin will work, more or less, on all versions of Manim Community.

To install the RubiksCube plugin run:

pip install manim-rubikscube

To see what version of manim-rubikscube you are running:



pip list


To use the RubiksCube, you can either:

Once the RubiksCube is imported, you can use the RubiksCube as any other mobject.

Documentation and Examples

Documentation and examples are available here.


This plugin is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.